License agreement

Provider statement:

I give my consent to the use of the attached photos made and attached by me and their making available to the public and other use of the photos in accordance with the provisions of § 19 par. 4 of the Copyright Act for the purpose of publishing photos on the website, operated by the acquirer and for the purpose of promoting this website.

I declare that I am the author of the photos that I attach through this internet form and that the photos do not interfere with the rights to protect the personality, intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, are not encumbered by the rights of third parties or suffer from other legal defects, for which I am fully responsible.

I hereby grant my consent to the processing of my personal data listed in this form pursuant to Act. no. 428/2002 Coll. on personal data protection as amended by CBS spol. s.r.o. for the purposes of registration of licensors.

Acquirer statement:

When using photos, the acquirer is obliged to mark the provider of the photo with his name / brand in the imprint of the photo.

Furthermore, at the provider’s request, he is obliged to place his logo in the upper right corner of the photo, immediately below the logo.

The acquirer is not authorized to sublicense the photos to a third party, nor to use the photos in a different way and for a different purpose than the one for which the provider has given him permission.

The provisions of the Copyright Act and the Civil Code shall apply to the conditions not modified by this contract.

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